Candle Refill Service

At Barkhat Perfumerie, we embrace the notion that luxury must remain timeless. Our products are crafted with enduring elegance, ensuring that they stand the test of time while maintaining their allure and sophistication.

Candle Refill

At Barkhat perfumerie, we are dedicated to preserving precious resources and minimizing waste. We firmly believe that our exquisitely crafted products are meant to be cherished for a lifetime.
To uphold this philosophy, we offer a unique service: you can return any empty handblown candle vessel to our shops, either in person or by post. In return, you'll be able to choose a new candle of your preference at half the original price. By doing this, we contribute to sustainability by reusing the glass and reducing our environmental impact.This extraordinary opportunity is not limited by time; you can avail yourself of this service for as long as you wish. It's our way of ensuring that your loyalty to our brand is rewarded while also promoting eco-conscious practices.
If you happen to misplace the refill form from your initial order, don't worry. You can easily reprint it by clicking here and include it with your return.Once we receive your return and process the payment, we will promptly send you your chosen new candle. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to a more sustainable future.

  • How the service works

    1. Purchase a refill candle below. This can be any candle of your choice.
    2. Send your candle back to us using the address below.
      Please package it well, preferably in its original packaging as we are not able to accept responsibility for damaged vessels.
    3. Once we receive it, we will send your chosen candle back to you.
    4. Please return to
      Refill Service Returns
      Barkhat Perfumerie
      5339 Lindley ave, unit 103
      Los Angeles,91356
  • Important information

    1. It is highly advisable to use a tracked service when returning
    2. We cannot assume liability for lost parcels. To prevent any damages,
      please ensure proper packaging of your vessels.
    3. We will promptly notify you if a vessel arrives damaged, but we
      cannot be held responsible for any breakages.

Order your handblown refill

Choose your handblown candle refill. Remember, your choice isn't restricted to your original scent as we encourage you to embrace new fragrant journeys.